Become Who You’re Called to Be 

Whoever God is calling you to become, Global Leaders University is here to support you. As you prayerfully consider your academic path, we provide the versatility you need to reach your God-given goals. Whether our online tracks and coursework your biblical and academic preparation at GLU will propel you into an impactful career with God’s Word as your guide.

Admission Policies: Entrance Requirements

Complete Registration Application

Please begin by submitting your online application - click for online application. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for your application. Please complete your application in its entirety. If you have any questions or need help with your enrollment information please contact our registrar team at so that they can assist you.]

Please Note: Applications that are submitted without making payment will be placed on a hold, until payment is received.  

  • We require applicants to sign an honor code community to uphold standard Christian, character, values and ethics. Global Leaders University is wholly biblical apostolic-prophetic university built on the foundation of apostolic-prophetic doctrinal beliefs according to 1 Corinthians 12:28, Ephesians 2:20 and Ephesians 4:11. 


Students will be required during their time with Global Leaders University to exemplify these beliefs and demonstrate them in daily lifestyle as biblical and spiritual citizens of God's kingdom. We discourage students who cannot support these standards from applying at this time.  


Entrance Assessments: Gifts Assessment and Bible Knowledge Survey.

If applicable, the next steps is to complete your standardized ministry assessment for valid entrance. We require applicants to complete the gifts assessment questionnaire before their application process can be finalized. This is not a test, but an evaluation tool used for placement and qualification for our learning programs. 

If you have taken a gifts assessment with us within the last 12-14 months, we do not require you to take it again. We ask that you please provide copies of your results. If you have questions or assistance, please contact us to speak with a representative.

Bible Knowledge Survey: After students have submitted their assessment, the next entrance requirement is completing the Bible Knowledge Survey. We designed this to assess the students present bible knowledge and understanding of God's word. It will assist with student placement and academic qualification for learning programs. 

Once submitted, students will move into the written requirements for enrollment. If students need assistance with completing their survey, they can contact us and speak to the registrar.


Complete your student entrance profile. 

Applicants are asked to complete a thorough entrance profile for consideration for the entrance profile for consideration for entrance into Global Leaders University. Your entrance profile will include: Applicants Essay, Autobiographical Sketch, Student Background information and details, and preliminary financial outlook details. 

Application Essay Questions: Write a detailed statement of purpose which describes how reasoning for chosen program it should align with your vocational aspirations and is related to your Christian faith.

Salvation/Testimonial Experience: Your conversion experience into the Christian faith. 

Both statements of 500 words, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.

Submit your official high school diploma or GED (please send in PDF Format with the other required documents) 

Recommendations and References

Students are requested to submit a total of two (2) references and/or recommendations. These must be a combination of one (1) Academic/Professional and one (1) ministerial. ​

Submit all requested documents: Please email all required documents to with the subject line entitled "GLU Registration Documents - Your First Name and Last Name 

Once all your application steps are completed please contact our office at 813-355-3066 to schedule your entrance interview. 

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Our mission, at the Global University Leaders, is to prepare men and women for excellence in both local and global ministry, as guided by the power of the Holy Spirit and with faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

We aim to fulfill this commitment to ministry through the following:

  • credentialing and certification programs,

  • Professional and continuing education,

  • Spiritual formation,

  • Experiential-learning,

  • And strategic partnerships.

All of our divinity programs strive to glorify God through excellence.