Certificate Program

The GLU Certificate program is designed to provide enhanced skills in specialty areas, preparing students for entry-level ministry work and provide supplemental training for current and emerging ministry professionals. These certificates will satisfy many requirements for our credentialing program.

Fall semester 2021 

Apostolic Education Courses

Mission 201: World Religions

Apostolic 201: The Office of the Apostle


Apostolic 203: Apostolic Centers 

Prophetic Education Courses

Prophetic 201: Prophetic Mentorship 

Prophetic 202 Prophetic Temperaments 

Prophetic 101: Prophets, Prophesiers and Prophesy - Online Only 

Pastoral Education Courses

Pastoral Ministry 102 Building Strong Team 


Pastoral Ministry 103: What type of leader are you? 

Pastoral Ministry 104: Intercession 101 - Online Only

Teaching Education Courses

Teaching Ministry 101: 5-Fold Gift of the Teacher


Elective: Old Testament Prophets  

Pastor Ministry 104: Intercession 101 - Online Only

General Education Courses

General Ministry 101: Gift of Helps


Elective: Ministry and Finances 

Pastoral Ministry 104: Intercession 101 - Online Only